Bennett's Canola is a prominent player in the Canadian agricultural landscape, contributing significantly to the nation's canola industry. As a distinguished crop producer, our expertise extends across the cultivation, processing, and distribution of high-quality canola products. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, we play a pivotal role in meeting the demand for canola in various sectors, including cooking oils, biodiesel fuel, and animal feed.

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Wide Geographic Presence: Our operations span key Canola-growing provinces, including Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, ensuring a diverse and reliable supply chain.

Innovation in Agriculture: We embrace innovation as a cornerstone of our operations. The incorporation of modern farming techniques and technologies positions Bennett's Canola as a forward-thinking contributor to the agricultural sector.

Contributions to Economic Growth: Through our extensive network and commitment to agricultural excellence, Bennett's Canola contributes to the economic growth of local communities and the broader Canadian economy.

Quality Assurance: Committed to excellence, we adhere to stringent quality standards in every aspect of our operations. From seed cultivation to final product delivery, Bennett's Canola ensures the highest quality of Canola products.

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Bennetts Canola
Bennetts Canola
Bennetts Canola


Bennett’s Holding is a Canadian holding company that has established itself as a leader in the agri-industry. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainable agriculture and oversees a diverse range of businesses within the agricultural sector.

Bennett's Canola


Bennett's Canola, based in Alberta and Saskatchewan, is renowned for its role as both a producer and exporter of canola oil and meal, contributing to the region's agricultural prosperity. Bennett's Canola is part of the larger Bennett's Holding Company, showcasing its integration into a comprehensive agricultural enterprise.

Bennett's Canola, a prominent Canadian company, plays a crucial role in the canola industry, especially in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Specializing in the production and export of canola oil and meal, Bennett's Canola is recognized for its significant contributions to the agriculture sector in both provinces.