Canada's canola industry has evolved into a thriving sector with international significance. The crop, developed in Canada 50 years ago, has become a cornerstone of the nation's agricultural prowess and economic influence. The canola value chain, comprising cultivation, processing, and trade, has a global reach and contributes substantially to Canada's international trade.

Bennett's Canola
Bennett's Canola


Canola oil is recognized for its health benefits. It is low in saturated fat, rich in vitamins E and K, and contains essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. This makes it a preferred choice for both household and industrial cooking.

Canola serves as a sustainable source of healthy oil and premium protein. Its versatility extends to various applications, from cooking oils and biodiesel fuel to animal feed.



Bennett's Canola, a prominent Canadian company, exemplifies the industry's excellence. Specializing in canola oil and meal production and export, companies like Bennett's play a crucial role in the agricultural sectors of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

High-Quality Animal Feed Protein from Canola Seeds

Unlock the potential of canola seeds by harnessing premium protein for animal feed. The robust canola seed, when processed, yields canola meal—a highly efficient protein source suitable for various animals, including dairy herds, livestock, poultry, and fish. Our canola meal stands out as a superior plant-based protein, offering exceptional nutritional benefits for animal diets. Its versatility extends beyond traditional livestock applications, holding promise as a valuable component in human diets. Canola meal opens the door to a sustainable and plant-derived protein source for both animals and humans. Experience the excellence of canola-derived protein—nourishing animals, supporting agriculture, and contributing to the potential evolution of plant-based protein in human nutrition. Choose canola meal for premium animal feed, embodying the essence of quality and sustainability.

High-Quality Animal Feed Protein from Canola Seeds


Canada is the largest global producer of canola, with the majority cultivated in the western provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The crop has also found its place in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

Once harvested, canola seeds undergo crushing to extract the oil. Canada's efficient oilseed processing facilities contribute to its global leadership in canola production and export.

Bennett's Canola